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Friend or Foe

by Duke Bluebeard

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Written throughout late 2014 and mid 2015.


released March 4, 2016

music & words by A. D. Lukacs
engineered by András Upor
produced by A. D. Lukacs & András Upor
mixed & mastered by Benedek Balogh (Szi Fu)
photography by Bernadett Horvath
layout art direction by Daniel Micsoda

Special thanks to Ádám Vadász and Dávid Godzsák for the equipment, to the Szendrey-Nagy brothers for their help and hospitality throughout the recording sessions, to Nikoletta Szilvia Bánki, Krisztián Muhari and Adrienn Muhari for their assistance; and a very special thanks to Attila Szász for being the first one to listen to the demo takes of these ones.

Last but not least, a huge thanks go out to all the people who carried me for long, long years to finally see me reach this point. I believe there's no need to mention names, it's better to keep it between us anyway. You all played a big part in this record being made, and also an important role in my life.


all rights reserved



Duke Bluebeard Budapest, Hungary

A folk-pop act of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist A. D. Lukacs, coming from Budapest with a moniker picked from Béla Bartók’s opera.


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Track Name: 4 AM
You keep away from all your friends
Playing hide and seek at every bus station
At the railway, on the trams
It's 4 AM, oh man

Don't want no meal a beer will do
It will help you keep yourself cool
It's 4 AM, oh man

You record at night and sleep all day
Well, at least you've got something to focus on
When you're not asleep
It's 4 AM, oh man

Don't wanna hear a "you don't look well"
Don't wanna hear a "how you're doing"
It's 4 AM, oh man
Track Name: Z. Cs. #1 (Be Nice to You)
I remember the time
When you turned to me without a smile
Told me the name that you're called
No big deal at all
No chat, no talk

When I was rambling around
I thought of you and wished
I would run into you that night
You appeared, what a surprise
Magical, you said and I smiled

Since then you've been nice to me
And that's very kind of you
But let's just keep it cool
I don't want to cause no trouble
See, I'm trying to be nice to you
Track Name: Z. Cs. #2 (Who Cares)
Who cares what you say when you’re drunk
It makes no sense, well I think it does
For your touch was so sweet and soft
I almost fell in love

When you tried to kiss me on the cheek
I moved away, though I thought it’d be great
Oh, who cares how one feels
You’ve got another one to love anyway

Who cares what you say when you’re drunk
It makes no sense, well I think it does
You said, you’re going back to your friends anyway
Though you don’t know them any better than me
I said okay
Track Name: Friend or Foe
Is love a friend or foe
I wondered and got quite sure
When love goes
It takes away the smiles
Off the faces
You once put them on

Is love a friend or foe
I wondered and got quite sure
When love's gone
There ain't a thing but trouble
You cry over all
That was once the two of you
Track Name: L. N. (No Forgiveness)
I don't ask for forgiveness
That's just a lie one better not get
When people say they forgive
They're not about to forget

We walked hand in hand
Busy making something out of nothing
Then we learned well
You leave before farewell

I know you may say
That's none of my business
But remember we slept in a single bed
That's something not to forget

So now I'll tell you
One more thing that his love was true
Which you played upon so well
It brought on Earth flaming hell
Track Name: What You're Made Of
What you're made of
You're made of dust

What you're made of
You're made of blood

What you're made of
You're made of love

What you're made of
Show them son
Track Name: You'll Be Just Fine
Here's a lullaby so make yourself at home, it's alright
You can stay all night, I'll sleep on the couch, it's fine
Lay your head down, there's no one to harm you, goodnight
Those dark clouds will be gone by dawn
You'll be just fine

If you're into coffee, well I can make one for you
If you'd eat something, I can spare what's in the fridge
Those dark clouds won't be around, there'll be sunrise
You'll be just fine

Feel free to go but don't feel like you have to
There's room for two
It's alright, it's fine, I like it when you're around
Track Name: F. B. #1 (Stockholm)
She said, come to Stockholm
You can sleep on the couch
Really nice place with the sea nearby

I said, I'd go to Stockholm
See for myself what it's like
If it's really, if it's really that nice

As I said, I'd go to Stockholm
But I'm not the traveling type
I don't have the money it would take for me to fly
Track Name: Desire
Desire, desire's placed on a mountain peak
Desire, desire sleeps under the deep sea
Desire, desire hides in a forest tree
Desire, desire flies up above with the wind

Desire's placed on a mountain I cannot reach
Desire sleeps under the sea where I cannot breath
Desire hides in a tree among a million trees
Desire flies up above and I've got no wings

Be desire, desire designed only for me
Be the fire, the fire that burns but does not harm me